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The intricate detail of a miniature holds some fascination. What is it about seeing normal household items, people, vehicles, and so on, in a scaled down version of itself? Not only is it fascinating to behold and examine, it is wonderful fun putting it all together. People, for many decades have enjoyed seeing model villages and railways, children enjoy playing with dolls houses and furnishing them with all of the little accessories that can be either bought, or made.
The accessories available to those who have a dolls house, is extremely extensive. Literally anything you can get in your actual home, you can find a scaled down version of that item. Food items are one of the most intricate and detailed items you can purchase. When you look at the work that has gone into these items, you get the real sense that the person who made them, really enjoyed the process. 
When you have a dolls house, whether you have made one, are creating and kitting out a bought one for a beloved child, or restoring an old dolls house, it can be an exciting process, especially during the planning process. When it is a blank canvas, you can see its potential, and you will possibly have several ideas of all the different kinds of furniture and accessories you will fill it with. This would be the ideal time to scope what other people have done. There are so many inspirational ideas out there and some companies and individuals that restore, build and supply dolls houses and dolls house accessories professionally.
You will love the kind of accessories you can purchase. For example, you can get door numbers to furnish your dolls house front door, brass door knobs and handles. One of the most exciting types of furnishings and accessories you can acquire, involve lighting. Some doll house craft shops have professional electricians who are trained to set up your dolls house with wiring for actual lighting. Plus you can then add to your dolls home hanging lights and wall lights, table lamps, porch lights, chandeliers with real crystal and even Christmas trees complete with lights, baubles and wrapped presents under the tree. Along with the different miniature fire places you can even apply a light that flickers to resemble the fire in the grate.
The accessories you can find and buy do not only cover dolls house items. What about a Victorian cafe? Or a florists? You can get the accessories needed to kit out these miniature buildings. I have even seen church pews and a lectern available at dolls accessory suppliers. 
The enjoyment that can be gained from these miniature accessories will add to the charm and realistic feel to the dolls house you work to create. It can be a wonderful craft all in the family can enjoy. From the assembling process to the pleasure that comes from seeing a young one enjoy and play with it. 
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