Victorian Dolls House

The Victorian era and was a time when the people of that period indulged in ornamental and decorative art. The heavy prints and dark daring colours used, along with the very decorative furnishings has created in a lot of us a fascination for the time period. For example, one of the most popular type of dolls house you can purchase and create is from this time in history. The dolls alone look excellent, both from the collectors view point, and for the use and enjoyment of children. The scope and choice the Victorian period provoked, led to a very eclectic emerging of lots of historic styles and oriental decor and design.
There are several different designs of Victorian dolls houses you can get from Baccraft Miniatures, who specialise in offering, selling and embellishing beautiful British made wooden dolls houses. The company is a family run business that have sold the dolls, the houses and all of the furnishings for 22 years. To see their selection of dolls houses, furniture, accessories, and dolls look on the website to choose what would best suit your needs.
There is a Victorian manor house, cottages and a even a mansion to choose from. Their are doll house kits that can be purchased and assembled at home, to add to the enjoyment of making the perfect dolls house, either for ornament purposes, or as a gift and project for any younger ones.
Wall paper can be purchased to decorate a dolls house to match a Victorian style architecture and exterior. Wall papers in the Victorian times made good use of elaborate floral patterns, gothic and medieval styles, as well as finding inspiration from the orient and old tapestry work. To continue the Victorian theme you may wish to purchase wall papers to create your perfect dolls house. 
The Victorian figurines or miniature dolls available add to the charm and look of a dolls house styled after that time. There are the men and women of the house, the children that play in their Victorian styled nurseries, complete with nannies and maids to serve and care for them.
Victorian lighting is also a feature you may choose to include. The candelabras available add to the charm and style befitting the Victorian era. Fireplaces add to the vintage feel and homeliness of the Victorian home. During the Victorian times the light bulb was invented and incorporated into that varied style and design. However fireplaces and hearths have always been a prominent feature in the old style houses and therefore they make the dolls house, along with the Victorian styled lighting and features, look more genuine and add to the attempt to capture that time period. 
There are so many ideas and styles available in store and on the online shop. Please have a look at the website to help you plan your miniature dream home. You are sure to enjoy the time you spend searching and making your Victorian Dolls House.

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