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Imagine the perfect dolls house, complete with everything you could need to let the imagination run. There is something amazing to a child about kitting out a miniature house. Even now, I still enjoy the idea and chance to create, decorate and fill a dolls house with all of the furniture and accessories available.
When I was a child, I had in my bed room a huge dolls house that I loved. Unfortunately, because it was so big, I could not keep and take it with me into my own home. Since that time, I have thought about that dolls house and the enjoyment I got from placing all of the furniture in its proper place, setting the dolls up so they held the perfect posses, and imagining the same arrangement for when I had my own people sized house when I grew up.
The best thing about my dolls house size was how much furniture I could fit inside it, and subsequently make the rooms come alive with character. I always enjoyed the fact I could make the set up realistic. For example, a full dining set of furniture complete with miniature crockery, cups and food. The small plates of food were and are especially interesting as you can see the intricate detail and effort that someone has put into making these pieces and then making your dolls house as realistic as you like.
The furniture available for your dolls house are extremely varied and cover most if not all of what you could think of. There is bedroom furniture that ranges from nursery sets with cots and changing tables, to double beds, bunk beds, wardrobes and dressing tables. You can even add a table lamp or two to your bed side tables. Then there is kitchen furniture, such as the cupboards and dressers. Living room furniture that includes the furnishings that adorn them, such as cushions and rugs. And of course, the bathroom furniture that adds to the realistic look of your dolls home. Bathroom cabinets, cupboards, shower cubicles and towel rails are some of the items available to furnish your dolls house. 
In the world of miniature, you are not restricted to finding furniture and kitting out just dolls houses. There are shops, cafes and even churches that can be bought and filled with all of the items you would normally associate with such. For example, what’s the point of having a church without a lectern and plenty of church pews? In a cafe you would want plenty of tables and chairs, as well as cabinets to house your choice of cakes and bakes. These are the kinds of furniture that make a dolls house, and other similar miniature buildings, interesting and fun. 
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