British householders are traditionally very proud of their homes, and we are always looking for ways to make our properties more comfortable and desirable, and to get one up on the neighbours! But property development is expensive, and getting it wrong technically or aesthetically can wipe thousands of pounds off the value of your house. For those who want all the excitement of transforming a home into a luxurious dwelling fit for royalty, but without the outlay and inherent risk, Baccraft Miniatures present their range of dolls house kits, the perfect property development opportunity in miniature.
Dolls house kits available include:
The Beeches, a Georgian house with four storeys and eight rooms. The balcony over the entrance is accessed by French doors, and even the attic is accessible. This property would suit either period or contemporary decor, and lends itself well to development touches such as loft conversions. One of our most popular dolls house kits.
Ash House is a beautiful family home accessed by double front doors. The six room interior provides plenty of room for a large family, while outside elegant architectural features include etched stone lintels and three dormer windows set in a mansard roof. Dolls house kits like this one are supplied unpainted, to give the developer an additional opportunity to exercise their creativity by choosing and applying a suitable colour.
Grove House. When seeking to renovate a 1930’s style town house like Grove House, the developer must decide if they are prepared to make the extra outlay to secure an example with a serviceable basement (Grove House dolls house basement kits sold separately). A complete example has eight sizable rooms, with the deep and attractive bay windows which were so characteristic of the period.
Barrowden. From the twin arched dormer windows in the roof, to the columns which frame the entrance, Barrowden oozes French flavour typical of the Regency period. The facade is grand and engaging, and the staircases linking the eight rooms are twinned flights as is often the case in this kind of property. A Rolls Royce among dolls house kits.
Hambleton Hall is another of our popular dolls house kits which benefits immeasurably from the addition of a basement level. Not only does the basement give this magnificent late Georgian style country house an additional three rooms, it also adds a double staircase leading up from driveway level to the porticoed double front doors. This means a total of twelve rooms for an elegant country lifestyle.
Haven Cottage is a Victorian property with six rooms over three storeys, including the attic. These are accessed from a central staircase which also descends to the optional basement, which when in place compliments the exterior detail beautifully and adds a further two rooms to the size of the property.
Terraced house. The smallest of our dolls house kits, ideal for the first time developer. Includes two rooms plus the attic.
Please check our website for the current availability of all the above dolls house kits.

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