Bespoke Dolls Houses Hemel Hempstead

The purchase of a dolls house for your collection is a personal one, that can only be bettered by opting for a bespoke option - allowing you to make the collectible unique to yourself and your family. 
We have a number of dolls houses kits that will allow you to paint or upholster elements of the structure, which are a great way to get started with a bespoke dolls house. However, we also offer personalisation services here at Baccraft Miniatures where we can paint, build or install lighting fixtures into your dolls house. 
Operating for over two decades now, we’ve been providing the people of Hemel Hempstead and further afield with delightful products. We also offer a delivery guarantee that ensures your dolls house purchase arrives at your home in the pristine condition that you’d expect from it. 
We must stress that these bespoke dolls houses are seldom created to be used as children’s toys and can be unsafe if purchased for such reasons - these dolls houses are for collectible use. 
Contact us today to discuss the costing of the services you require of us, and our friendly advisors will be more than happy to talk about all things dolls house with you - we’re just as passionate about the collectible hobby. 

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