Bespoke Dolls Houses Hertfordshire

What is our perfect dolls house? The answer is likely to change from person to person as, to many, they are an expression of the imagination, and dolls house fans of all ages are likely to have different imaginations. As such, rather than purchasing a kit that comes with a complete dolls house collect, buying one of our bespoke dolls houses in Hertfordshire might help you bring your imagination to life in true style.
At Baccraft Miniatures, we carry an extensive range of uniquely modelled dolls houses, as well as accessories, furniture, different buildings, and so on. Amongst our selection, we’re proud to sell a deep diversity of complete dolls house sets. However, to those who have an image of the perfect, personal dolls house, we also help you buy and build dolls houses that are completely bespoke.
Bespoke Dolls Houses in Hertfordshire
With the help of Baccraft Miniatures, you can make a collection that’s entirely unique to you. This can be done with the help of one of our dolls houses kits that come with completely customisable features, such as elements that can be painted and upholstered in any way that you see fit. Furthermore, we have an extensive range of furniture, accessories, windows, doors, and much more that allow you to freely customise any dolls house in any of the ways that you want. You can start with one of our simple kits, but then choose the fixtures and fittings that allow you to turn it into your dream dolls house.
We can do it for you, too
If you’re looking for bespoke dolls houses in Hertfordshire, but you’re not eager to build it yourself, or not certain you can give it the attention and steady hand needed, then we are glad to offer personalisation services right here at Baccraft Miniatures. As such, we can take any dolls house, whether it’s one you’ve built previously or one you’re ordering from us, and customise it for you, adding the paint, installing the lighting fixtures, and building on any of the additional pieces that would complete it for you.
Hertfordshire’s trusted miniatures experts
For over two decades, Baccraft Miniatures has earned a reputation amongst collectable fans that we are proud of. We have become known for supply collectors with a wide range of wonderful and unique dolls house products, as well as for showing each kit and each customised project the level of care that you deserve. As such, we offer a delivery guarantee that ensures any bespoke dolls houses ordered in Hertfordshire will arrive at your home in the kind of pristine condition that you expect from it. Whether you’re looking for your own accessories to customise with or a bespoke dolls house that we create from scratch, we’re here to help.
Get in touch with Baccraft Miniatures today
If you’re aiming to complete or order your own bespoke dolls houses in Hertfordshire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Baccraft Miniatures. Our team will be glad to offer any assistance you might need.

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