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If you’re a collector of doll’s houses and miniature furniture and you want to expand your collection, or you simply love the look of our miniatures and want to have a full display in your own home, then the dolls house kits offered in Hertfordshire are bound to delight. Our kits allow you to order a complete structure with all of the supplies you need to finalise it and display it, while also allowing you to customise it to become your dream dolls house.
Baccraft Miniatures has been helping collectors expand and complete their collections for over twenty years now. As such, the dolls house kits we carry cover an incredibly wide range, with paints, upholstery, furniture, and plenty of other kits to help you complete your perfect dolls house. Read on to learn more about the dolls house kits we sell.
Dolls House Kits in Hertfordshire
We have a truly extensive range of dolls house kits, all of which are widely customisable, allowing you to develop the home and project that meets your needs. For instance, amongst our collection, we have The Beeches, a four-storey Georgian House with a balcony leaning over the entrance. Another example is Grave House, a 1930’s style townhouse with deep bay windows and a basement. Haven Cottage, meanwhile, is a three-storey Victorian styled property. Whatever size and shape, whatever period and style, we’re likely to have the dolls house kit that helps you complete your collection, all of which can be widely customised.
Have it made for you
Of course, everyone’s idea of a dream dolls house is different. As such, not only can you buy full dolls house kits in Hertfordshire, but our team can help them meet your every wish with our customisation and personalisation services. To some people, customising their dolls house is part of the hobby, but if you would prefer they are handled with the utmost care and precision, we are glad to help, whether it be adding a lick of paint or wiring in some lighting fixtures. Simply tell us what you want from your dolls house kits and we will be glad to help.
The collector’s resource in Hertfordshire
Baccraft Miniatures has been supplying the community of collectors in Hertfordshire and beyond for over twenty years, now. As such, we have earned a reputation for having an extensive range of truly high-quality products that span almost any style that you can think of. However, we have also gained a reputation for being true collectors, meaning that we treat every product we sell and create with care, ensuring that you get them in the perfect condition that you expect them to arrive in. We are truly glad to help anyone who shares our passion for dolls house miniatures, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you need help or have any questions.
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Getting your own dolls house kits in Hertfordshire couldn’t be easier with the help of Baccraft Miniatures. Call us today to talk about ordering any of the kits that we sell or order them online for a seamless experience.

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