Dolls house power supplies, Transformer for lighting a dolls house, Dolls house digital transformer.

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# Dolls house transformer 32/UK. CE Mark. (EP 001) £13.49
# Dolls house digital power supply,C.E mark,will power up to 20 bulbs [new] (EP 01) £11.99
# Dolls house digital power supply,C E, will power up to 25 bulbs [New] (EP 02) £12.95
# Dolls house Power supply unit UK CE mark. (EP 04) Contact Us For Details
# Dolls house digital power supply, powers up to 50 bulbs [New] (EP 05) £13.95
# Dolls house digital power CE. New (EP 07) £27.50
# Dolls house transformer [digital] UK [C.E] (EP 08) £29.95
# Dolls house power supply, digital CE Marked. (EP 09) £33.50
# Dolls house power supply unit h/duty CE mark. (EP 10) £25.99
# Dolls house power supply unit CE marked (EP03) Contact Us For Details

dolls house
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