Dolls House Restoration Hemel Hempstead

Have you got a beautiful family heirloom dolls house going ignored in your home because it’s in need of a refresh? Perhaps you’re the owner of the vintage dolls house, and you’d like to give it a bit of TLC before gifting it to your next of kin? Fortunately, here at Baccraft Miniatures, we are experts at carefully and efficiently restoring your beloved little house. 
Our team have been working with dolls houses for over 22 years as a family business, meaning that we’re truly passionate about the hobby. With our renovations, we can also jazz up your dolls house by installing electrical fittings, which will allow for light features throughout the rooms. 
It’s a true shame to let your dolls house fall into disregard - especially when you consider that its overall quality will only continue to wane drastically if left in disrepair - it’s important to move fast to ensure its longevity and allow it to become the precious heirloom it deserves to be. 
Contact us today to get your dolls house restoration in Hemel Hempstead underway. Our friendly advisors will be on hand to provide you with guidance, quotes and recommendations for your purchases and service requirements. 

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