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We are delighted to offer an extensive range of miniature dolls houses in Hertfordshire, as well as furniture, accessories, and electrics. Find affordable prices and beautiful details on everything we carry, as well as prompt shipping around the globe.
Since 1995, Baccraft Miniatures has been proudly providing small dolls, homes, tools, furniture, and decorations locally, across the UK, and abroad. With great attention to detail and a love of all things miniature, our team is happy to help you create a dream dolls house at a reasonable price.
For Play or Collectors
The miniature dolls houses from Hertfordshire have realistic details that make them perfect for handing down through the generations of your family. You may also want a renovated dolls house, which we’re happy to provide for you, such as if you have a house given to you that you’d like to become a family heirloom one day.
For children, dolls houses are fun spaces that they can design as you like, showing creativity with every detail they add to it. As kids play with the dolls, furniture, and accessories, watch them get lost in the wonders of their imaginations, telling stories and role-playing for hours.
Whether you are a collector or choosing miniature dolls houses in Hertfordshire for children, the joy that comes from the houses is sure to have a lasting impact.
Types of Dolls Houses
Find a great assortment of beautiful small homes in various styles and sizes at Baccraft Miniatures. Whether you want a traditional or modern kind of design, there is something for everyone, all made with the same great attention to craftsmanship.
The most popular choices include Elm Cottage, The Cedars, Victorian Mansion, Victorian Manor, The Kensington, and Jubilee Double Dolls House. The stunning look of each one makes it a wonderful keepsake for families.
Our team is happy to light the house for you expertly and to provide renovation services on homes you already have too. We supply electrical circuitry and wiring kits, too, as you design an amazing dolls house that can carry down through the generations. With electrics in homes, always have adult supervision for older children; we do not recommend this type of house for those under 7 years old.
Supplies and Accessories Too
For miniature dolls houses from Hertfordshire, find everything you need, from start to completion of the design. Order supplies, from lighting to tools, as well as furniture for every room. From the bathroom to the kitchen, bedroom, and nursery, there are tiny treasures to fill each living area.
Complete each room with decorations, too, from the flooring to the ceiling lights. Add doors and windows, as well as items for the home exterior, such as a greenhouse. Realistic-looking food items and toys are also great additions to the small places, as are tiny pets.
Contact Us
Feel free to reach out to our friendly team with questions about a particular house you see or one that you want to restore, either partially or fully. At Baccraft Miniatures, we never deliver anything but top quality and provide excellent value each time.
Contact us with questions or to find out more about Hertfordshire miniature dolls houses. Have fun looking through the large selection and choosing what to order!

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