Victorian Dolls House Hertfordshire

There are few periods and classic decor styles that speak to the heart of so many people as the Victorian era. As such, amongst collectors of miniatures and doll houses, the decorative styles, reliance on prints, and lush, dark colours found in the Victoria era are exceedingly popular.
At Baccraft Miniatures, we have a very wide collection of Victorian dolls houses in Hertfordshire, including complete houses that you can purchase as a whole and a range of custom elements, including furniture, fixtures, and fittings that you can use to customise any dolls house or to order one that is truly bespoke from us. If you’re looking for Victorian dolls house in Hertfordshire, then Baccraft Miniatures is here to help.
Victorian Dolls House Hertfordshire
At Baccraft Miniatures, well a variety of different Victoria dolls houses sets that are complete and ready to fit and fill with furniture of your choosing. This includes our BH 04 Victorian Dolls House Mansion, the BH01 The Manor, and the Haven Cottage. Each of these British-made wooden dolls houses is available for sale in their complete form. Having run as a family business for over 22 years, we pride ourselves at Baccraft Miniatures on our ability to source and sell the finest in Victorian dolls house kits in Hertfordshire. From manor houses to cottages to mansions, these kits can be bought then assembled in the home, and are a perfect fit for collectors of any age.
Complete your perfect Victorian dolls house
At Baccraft Miniatures, we understand that, to many, much of the appeal of the dolls house is creating your own unique collection, personal to you, and that speaks to your tastes and needs. As such, we sell a variety of furniture, fixtures, figurines, and fittings that allow you to customise your design to your needs. Furthermore, we also offer a service in which we can take the elements you choose and customise for you, including the paint options and upholstery for different parts of the house.
A variety of different Victorian designs
To help you complete your collection, we have a very wide selection of different Victorian era designs. This includes wallpapers that include the Victorian traits of gorgeous floral patterns and elaborate gothic designs, on top of the Oriental designs that were becoming more popular as the wider world became better known in English decor. We also have Victorian figurines, including men, women, and children, such as those who would live in the homes, as well as the house servants and staff that would care for them, so you can recreate the home scene as best suits you. Lighting was a major revolution in the Victorian era, with their sense of design being applied to not just fireplaces and candelabras, but also the recently invented lightbulb.
Take a look at the Victoria stock at Baccraft miniatures
If you’re looking to complete your perfect Victorian dolls house in Hertfordshire, then Baccraft Miniatures is precisely the store you need. You can look at and start ordering the products you need right away, or get in touch with us if you need any help in making your selection.

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