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Dolls house super magnetic button (pair) with adjusters. (HAR 01)

This super neat little magnetic dolls house door button (easy to fit) will keep your dolls house front opening doors snugly closed with minimum effort but without having to tug at them to open them - it has "just the right touch"  * Needs a 5m/m diameter x 3m/m deep hole drilled on the inside of dolls house front opening doors in line with the middle floor. The button can then be glued in with either epoxy resin or super glue. The adjuster (supplied) enables you to set the position that the door closes to. [These mag buttons are sold in pairs] **Must be fitted by an adult - **Not suitable for children under 14 years until fitted (due to small magnetic parts) They are perfectly safe once they are glued in position.

**IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Do not let children under the age of 14 years play with these magnets. Keep them locked away and out of sight until ready to fit and glue them in a drilled hole.

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