Dolls house Christmas tree lights/12’s


  Various decorative lights for Christmas trees or dolls house decoration.


 £5.35 each per string of 12v coloured (LEFT HAND) ; 12v white (MIDDLE) *or 3v battery type (coloured) (RIGHT HAND)  Please click on option of choice below.  12 volt coloured & 12 volt white needs a 12 volt power supply such as a transformer with a 12 volt output, ideal for use in a dolls house.  Consumption of 12v lights(LED''s) is 70 milliamps per string.12 volt strings have12 bulbs. Only £5.35 per set.

*Please note the above type of battery lights has now been discontinued, but we now have an improved set with batteries that last much longer, up to 80 hours or more depending on type of use. Please see X27 & X27A by clicking on "Dolls house Christmas" in above heading.