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Dolls house copper tape wiring kit


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Dolls house wiring kit. All you need to wire a 4 roomed dolls house with single copper tape. Comprises – 25ft copper tape, 4 back plates, 1 awl with spare pins *[please note this awl has been updated and may not be the same as shown] 8 eyelets, back connector, test bulb & how to do booklet. [Transformer not included] but can be supplied if required. We have a good range of transformers but always buy one a bit larger than you require [1] for safety reasons & [2] you can always add parts/components to this kit to make a larger kit to cover more than 4 rooms. Not sure! or confused! – feel free to contact us for help / advice on this. email or phone – details on contact page.**Not suitable for direct connection to mains supply, use only with transformer or 12volt drycell batteries.

We give you more for your money in our wiring kits than most others do. This single copper tape kit is the best type of kit you will find. Using this single (self adhesive) copper tape method is the cheapest, it is problem free, it is reliable & it works very well. If you can do soldering this is the best method for you. Using double tape is another method, where both tapes are encased in clear plastic, but there are lots of problems with bad or unrealiable connections with this method & I myself think it is more complicated, especially when making joints in the tapes with tiny fiddlely brass pins, & the double tape is more expensive.  "Solder joints in single tape give a much better connection" – – – This article was written by a Cir-kit certified dolls house electrician.

!Above kit is intended for use with a 12 volt output transformer or with 12 volt dry cell batteries.

*Please note – awl supplied in kit may be slightly different to the one shown.

!!Not suitable for children under 12 years. !!!Must be fitted / assembled by an adult or a qualified person.

**This item is temporarily sold out, more on order.